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Keeping Aboriginal Children Safe - Booklet (English)

Keeping Aboriginal Children Safe - Booklet (English)

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Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe: Your Family's Rights booklet (EN)

This easy-to-understand, illustrated booklet explains the child protection process for Aboriginal children and families, including:

  • what you and your community can do if a social worker removes (takes) your child from your home,
  • how delegated Aboriginal agencies work,
  • how mediation can help you stay out of court,
  • what's involved in the court process, and
  • how the Extended Family Program can help you take care of your child.

It also includes a flow chart of the process for child protection cases that involve Aboriginal children, and a page to write the important details of your child protection case.

See also the stand-alone flow chart, The Aboriginal Child Protection Process, and booklet, Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights.

Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe replaces the Aboriginal Child Protection fact sheets.

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March 1, 2019
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