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Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe - Booklet (English)

Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe - Booklet (English)

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Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe: Your Family's Rights booklet (EN)

This easy-to-understand, illustrated booklet explains the child protection process for Aboriginal children and families, including:

  • what you and your community can do if a social worker removes (takes) your child from your home,
  • how delegated Aboriginal agencies work,
  • how mediation can help you stay out of court,
  • what's involved in the court process, and
  • how the Extended Family Program can help you take care of your child.

It also includes a flow chart of the process for child protection cases that involve Aboriginal children, and a page to write the important details of your child protection case.

See also the stand-alone flow chart, The Aboriginal Child Protection Process, and booklet, Parents' Rights, Kids' Rights.

Keeping Aboriginal Kids Safe replaces the Aboriginal Child Protection fact sheets.

For more materials dealing with child protection and removal see: Child Protection & Removal

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March 1, 2019
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