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Vehicle Safety and Inspection Standards  (VSIS) - Annual Single User Licence (Online)

Vehicle Safety and Inspection Standards (VSIS) - Annual Single User Licence (Online)

VSIS Online is a web-based subscription service providing access to the Vehicle Inspection Manual (Standards of Safety and Repair) and applicable BC Legislation. Also includes all bulletins, circulars, and notices. The content is continuously updated to ensure you have the most current and accurate information available. VSIS Online is produced in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and a subscription to VSIS Online is considered equivalent to having the paper versions of the inspection manual, acts and regulations.

This service offers:

  • a complete, interactive source of methods of inspection for vehicles.
  • a comprehensive source of applicable, current British Columbia legislation from official sources.
  • instant search results using our powerful and easy to use, FAST NXT search engine

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$25.00 Each
Commercial Vehicle and Safety Enforcement
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Online Subscription
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