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Move for Life - DVD

Move for Life - DVD

At any age, staying strong and flexible helps you do the things you enjoy; and perform day-to-day activities with great ease.

The Move for Life DVD shows you ways to keep your body strong and healthy by adding more physical activity to your daily routine.

Includes 2 sections:


  • There are three levels of Walkabouts which build upon one another in terms of complexity. The first Walkabout will take approximately 30 minutes, the second 40 minutes and the third Walkabout will take approximately one hour.
  • Each walkabout has a warm-up, cardiovascular, cool-down strength, and stretch section.
  • You can go for a Walkabout and try these activities anywhere - at home, out in your neighbourhood, in a park or while travelling.

    Energy Bursts:

  • Energy Bursts are designed to get you moving and feeling great.
  • These two-minute activity routines are easy to do, anywhere, and they?re a blast for large groups - they?ll put the zip back in any meeting or gathering and can give a burst of energy, anytime you need it.

    $19.95 Each
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