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BC Plumbing Code - 2018 (Binder)

BC Plumbing Code - 2018 (Binder)

The BC Plumbing Code (BCPC) sets out technical provisions for the design and installation of new plumbing systems to protect health and prevent water or sewer damage.  It also applies to the extension, alteration, renewal and repair of existing plumbing systems. The BCPC is applicable throughout the province except for some federal lands and the City of Vancouver.

The BCPC is based on the model National Plumbing Code of Canada with some modifications specific to BC.

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The British Columbia Code products are based on the Canadian model National Codes. The Province of British Columbia pays royalties for the use of the model National Codes which is incorporated into the pricing of the BC Code products. The Canadian Government has indicated its intention for the National Code product to move to a royalty free model in the future ( This change may affect the future price of the British Columbia code products. At this time there are no changes to the cost of BC Codes.

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Building Safety Standards Branch
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December 10, 2018
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