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BC Building Code 2024 (Binder)

BC Building Code 2024 (Binder)

BC Building Codes 2024 (Binder-Included Edition) (2 Volume Set)
Considering your options? While the binder-included edition offers convenience, we encourage you to consider our looseleaf edition to avoid potential shipping delays. Plus, you’ll save by supplying your own binder.
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The BC Building Code (BCBC) 2024 remains the essential provincial regulation for new construction, building alterations, repairs, and demolitions, setting the bar for safety, health, accessibility, fire and structural protection of buildings, and promoting energy and water efficiency. Updated to reflect the latest in building standards and practices, the BCBC 2024 is applicable across British Columbia, excluding some federal lands and the City of Vancouver.

Based on the model National Codes of Canada and customized with BC-specific modifications, the BCBC 2024 upholds the tradition of excellence in building regulations. By choosing the looseleaf edition, you contribute to environmental sustainability and gain control over your costs, while also circumventing any unforeseen delays in receiving your order.

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March 10, 2024
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