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FOODSAFE: Level 1: Participant Workbook (2016) (English)

FOODSAFE: Level 1: Participant Workbook (2016) (English)

FOODSAFE is a food safety training program useful for anyone working in the food service, food retail, or food processing industries. FOODSAFE teaches people how to handle food safely in order to prevent food from being contaminated.The program was developed in British Columbia as a joint initiative between government agencies and the food industry and is the primary food safety training in BC and other provinces in Canada. Since it's inception in 1986 over 840,000 people have successfully completed FOODSAFE.

This newest Participant Workbook is illustrated and designed by renowned Canadian comic book and graphic novel creator, Ken Steacy, and employs graphic storytelling techniques to emphasize learning outcomes.Bilingual versions of the English workbook are available in Chinese, Korean and Punjabi.

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For customers outside the Province of British Columbia, please order using material number: 7960003530 - FOODSAFE: Level 1: Participant Guide (2014) (English)

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December 1, 2016
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Soft Cover - Spiral Bound
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