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Return Policy

Crown Publications will provide a refund on saleable items:

  • in full, less shipping costs, for goods returned within 30 days of the date shipped.
  • less a 20% restocking fee after 30 days and up to 6 months of the date shipped.
  • in full, including shipping costs, if the publication is damaged when received.

Prior to returning any publications please complete the attached Returns Form online and send to us via email by choosing "Click Here" within the PDF. Approval is required.

We do not accept “collect” return packages. If we do receive a collect package or unauthorized return in error, the collect cost will be deducted from your account credit or from your refund.


  • Alberta Trades
  • All Code Books
  • All Commercial Vehicle Safety Enforcement (CVSE) Decals
  • All Online Subscriptions
  • BC Trades
  • Clearance Centre/Sale Items
  • Custom Trade Packages
  • Legislation
  • Print-On-Demand Products
  • Standing Order Products
  • Pesticide Certification - Study Material

Please contact us prior to returning any material.

Viewing the Returns Form requires Adobe Acrobat.