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Rapid Damage Assessment - Field Manual

Rapid Damage Assessment - Field Manual

Moderate to severe earthquakes, wind storms and flood events can cause significant damage to structures, posing serious risks to occupants. Buildings should therefore be assessed for hazards following an emergency to ensure they are not unsafe for further occupancy.

As professionals may not be immediately available to evaluate the structure, it is essential that buildings owners and/or occupants have the skills and training necessary to conduct a Rapid Damage Assessment (RDA).

BC Housing’s RDA program is designed to provide non-professionals with the basic skills to assess structural and non-structural hazards in wood frame, masonry and concrete structures.

The use of judgement is essential in the evaluation of damaged buildings. Not every dangerous situation that may be encountered is covered by these guidelines and procedures. For those situations where no guidance has been provided, or if the guidance is not appropriate, the inspecting teams must rely on their collective experience and judgement.

The intent of RDA is to enable people to remain in their buildings, or return to their buildings as quickly and as safely as possible after a damaging event.

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